Well, I made a choice in life.

I'm going to stay and work in America after I graduate. In spite of all the shit talking I've done about its work ethics, benefits, politics, and culture.

This place is still home.

After trying out a trip to Europe for a few weeks I can't handle the idea of being 4,500 miles away from family and what few friends I have. I figured out what was true the whole time: I wanted to run away from my past. Breakups, a failed marriage proposal, a dead end job that I put up with only because I need to graduate. I've been angry and depressed over these things, but running away won't fix it.

I need to face reality and own up to it. I'll get a job as a developer in the states through hell or high-water.

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    good luck !!!!!!🍀
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    You will handle that!
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    Just keep a remote desktop at your family and connect to it every now and then
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    I'm not surprised about this decision seeing that you went to visit Berlin. It's a shithole.
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    (drop by in Hamburg first round of beer is on me)

    Either way best of luck on your journey!
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