When you spend 2 days trying to figure out why your shit is breaking just to realize you have been reading v2 docs and not v3 #fml

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    Just wait until they release v4 but don’t update the docs for six weeks.
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    So thats why they say "documentation can lie, code cant"
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    @hubiruchi indeed, read the source when available. Teaches you quite a lot.
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    If you develop API the best thing you can do is version them:
    —returns Bar JSON Object v1
    —returns Bar JSON Object v2
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    That was my Tuesday, though reading v3 and on v2!
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    Are you reading Boto documentation? I've been there
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    This is also fail of the docs, which upon googling should always show the latest version, and if you want, you should be able to switch.
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    @piehole the docs cannot do much about it. When I google something about laravel it will show me the latest docs 9 out of 10 times. Once in a while I look for something which had a rename. And will get the old docs.

    When I lookup the docs manually it will show me the latest stable version.
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