Okay, I think I am losing it, how do you explain a distributed computing VM has to somehow execute code on some hardware at a point to a customer that is clearly a big ass bullshit eater/buzzword bitch?

Because if I can't, I may buy a plane ticket for Canada and an axe, and that is not for cutting lumber

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    "Just somewhere, the rubber HAS to meet the road."
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    @Fast-Nop Sounds less abstract than my original analogy that implied thermodynamics
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    Use inception analogy.

    The dream is the VM.
    The brain is the hardware.
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    Well just ask. If its a virtual machine whats the virtual running on? Hehe
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    @skprog I tried that and was looked with upturned eyes like "it is virtual dude"
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    And what do all virtual things run on?
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    Ya i get it hes a ass hat with no brains. But really i have no idea how to explain to an idiot. That something must run it or it isnt virtual its nonexisting
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    Oh i know tell him the definition for virtual. Because he obviously doesn't have a great grasp of vocabulary.
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    The virtual machine must connect with the Cyber interface of the internal crossedge hardware otherwise the system will go BLT with nasty effects at the end. Just make up buzzwords, get yourself a buzzword calender (Or script it to make stupid ones). Then talk to them like you are talking to a rubber ducky!
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    Ask him to show you how to install it. After he shows the lack of knowledge to do so you simply say

    "now listen to what I say and stop talking like you know what you don't know please, I do this shit for a living."
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    @hell I did not tell him that, but I think I showed so much annoyance to his blabbering he way not go back to his stance of trying to discuss technical decisions
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