Step 1: try a third party defragmentation tool as windows' one is shit
Step 2: go to sleep while shit is getting done
Step 3: ???
Step 4: prof- Wait what ? Fuuuuu

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    Yeah but the windows one doesn't screw your filesystem*

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    Step 5: get an SSD and never defrag again
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    Windows' defrag tool is not shit 🤔
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    On Windows I used to use something called TuneUp Utilities, which then was taken over by AVG. It was pretty slick and got the job done.
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    @electrineer I already have one : not detected anymore when I boot on it..
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    @irene tbh, I could only reduce the partition size of ~1GB while there are 200 out of 650GB of free space, and windows won't defrag more than that (my OS is not even on that disk !)
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    @toz3wm partition resize is a risky action overall. And it's not something which is primary goal of defragmentation.
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    wow I forgot about defrag... I'm on SSD for ages
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