Allright, so FIRST I have to create an *ORDER* and only then create a *CART*.

Cuz why would anyone want it to make any sense..

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    Oh fuck that`s totally insane... that`s not the pattern... you must resign immediately from this company
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    @noms89 haha. It wouldn't hurt that much if I had to IMPLEMENT it. Now I'm the one who's using this mess -- I've got to expose bkend services via an API.
    Boy do I wish this was the only odd thing...

    For instance have a look at this gem:
    someService.getProperties(itemId): Map<Property, Property>

    really guys...? really...........? A objectA-objectA map? WTF IS THIS???? What's a key? What's a value?

    Chillstep is no longer working for me. Gotta go for more trippy stuff, like https://youtube.com/watch/... . Trippy is the only state of mind that can make some sense out of all this .

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    @netikras hahahahaha i can feel that pain bro
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    @netikras tripping - das good shit
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