Coffee + Apple keyboard = I need a new keyboard. ISO 105 layout for Mac (CMD and function keys at the usual spots) are the main requirements. Any suggestions?

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    fuck apple keyboards. Ergonomy level -100. Design +2
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    @PonySlaystation Thank you for your opinion. What keyboard do you suggest then?
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    @lastNick If you want an absolutely ergonomic kb, I can absolutely recommend the "Kinesis Advantage 2" series.

    Apple keyboards are the worst for health and sanity.
    Or go with a good Logitech mechanical kb. 😉

    Yeah, these flat Apple boards may look OK, but they sooner or later bring pain to your palms.

    Edit: Lots of keyboards even have protection against spilled liquids.
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    @PonySlaystation Thank you for the suggestions. As I‘m far away from typing several hours without interruption so my keyboard doesn’t have to be very ergonomically. And to be honest, the look of these ergonomic keyboards isn’t pleasing at all. I will try to find a Logitech or Cherry keyboard with a layout similar to the Apple keyboard.
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