Hey, you, my new colleague, you are annoying. I have reviewed your PR and left about 50 comments on your mess. I even explained to you why half of your code is shit in a very polite way. I have explained why you have to rewrite that and even how to do that in the best way possible. Result? Half of the code is gone, it works as before but without the overhead.

Now you're annoying cuz I have to go again on conventions and best practices. I totally understand that you've been doing it differently and throwing buzz words at me won't help. Just stop and do it as it's needed in this project, don't reinvent the wheel only because you can.

You know what? Fuck it! I'll approve all your PRs, anyway I am leaving soon. There is no benefit for me to teach you stuff. You're one of those guys that I voted against in interviewing process. But guess what? My manager decided to hire you anyway! Ha! I rarely vote NO and you were a one of those...

Your confidence doesn't impress me. That works on people that have no clue on what you are doing. Your just average at best, not a superstar.

Fuck it, you're on your own now!

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    ... Dump that shit on other devs?
    No teach him its not okay to do shit.

    I've once had a pull request open for 6 weeks. It was from a team which wanted to merge things at the end of their sprint. A single sprint took 2 weeks. In the end two other teams wrote parts of the functionality they made in a wrong way.

    When I went on a project a colleague of mine kept it open for another week and a half. Until their code was obsolete (and still not correct). They hated working those six weeks on refactoring their own code time after time. After it was closed and they could do other tasks the quality was quite a bit higher and pull request worthy.
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