The beauty of repairing computers in NYC...


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    Good luck debugging that one!
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    @arcadesdude I couldn't come up with a good debugging joke for the subject line
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    I've done a good bit of repair and seen one with a nest in it, really nasty. Then there was one full of sand and dust...literally full of sand from a construction site and another one full to the brim of cat hair (crazy cat lady that one was)!

    User: Why doesn't my computer work?
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    You fool!! Run! Run! They are aliens!
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    I'm afraid to open up mine now
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    And this my friends is how they termed it "debugging".
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    computer repair that comes with free protein.
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    @arcadesdude I had an iMac full of what must have been years of tobacco tar. I had to wear a face mask and use an electronics vacuum as I removed each part. Then called the customer to tell them the hard drive fan also needed to be replaced. Queue: "why does another part need to be replaced???"
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    In the UK it's spiders
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    If Bear Grills would see this...
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    Since it's a Mac, I would say it's a feature not a bug.
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    @aokayla tar yuk! If I had the opportunity with the client I would always show them what smoking does to their computers. That nasty sticky yellow tar really does kill fans and hard drives and leave a kind of yellow dust ball that sticks whereas the regular dust balls just blow away with compressed air the smokers dust and hair balls do not it's really disgusting!

    I would say this is what smoking does to the computer and some would deny they smoked but you could tell from the dust inside the computers they weren't telling the truth. Even had a few who denied it at first then eventually admit yes they smoked. See they didn't want to be responsible for the problem so they could blame the computer, the manufacturer, the store they got it from etc, rather than their bad habit. Sad thing is their lungs are likely MUCH worse inside than those nasty, sticky, dusty yellow computers.
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    Wtf! How did it even get in there?
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    @varundey cockroaches go to the hot dark places 😪
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    Cool - They look like German cockroaches which used to be nicknamed the "steam fly" due to their love of warm damp places to breed. I used be a pest controller, before I swapped bugs for debugging, but never saw these living in a PC (but it makes sense that they would in a bad infestation).
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