Helping Fix something on my Managing Directors Laptop...

After a restart I ask (word for word), "Can you please give me the password you use to login to your laptop"

She proceeds to give me her E-mail password

I respond by saying that I think that is her e-mail password and I need the laptop password.

Next thing I hear "You have to be more clear, to me they are the same thing"

Seriously... How much clearer could I have been, I'd be annoyed right now if my brain wasn't in an infinite loop going WTF JUST HAPPENED... WTF JUST HAPPENED... WTF JUST HAPPENED...

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    Her laptop is the same as an email account to her? wow thats impressive logic there.
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    Welp. What the fuck just happened?

    Anyway, she was somewhat right. If she uses windows 10 sincronized with an Microsoft account, then she uses the same password as her mail.
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    @TirloniC no bro not at all, in our setup it's completely seperate. She just didn't understand that when I said I need the laptop password used to unlock your PC. I needed to be more clear because I was asking for the email password. If you say I want a burger and get a hotdog it's not you who was unclear
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    What I find much more concerning is giving out passwords at all :-( Or asking for them
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    @fordtaunus I feel you bro. But they don't listen to your concerns until something really goes wrong. Until then "just do what you have to do to deliver"
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    Sounds like she was passing the blame onto you for her mistake.
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