Does anyone here know how to setup a dual gateway network?

Router-1 connects to the internet via ISP-1

Router-2 connects to the internet via ISP-2

Both the routers are in the same building. Obviously, the server system can only remain connected to one router. I'd like to set up the network in such a way that:

-All systems connected to both the routers can communicate with each other and of course the server.

-If the internet connectivity from one router goes down, all the nodes in the network must automatically use the other ISP.

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    Load balancing Routers?
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    But, do you want to balance traffic or just a fallback?
    A simple spanning-tree on the 2 exit ports haa worked well for me in the past. Just fine tune and test both priorities and costs, and go with rapid-pvst.
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    @bigus-dickus the simplest thing I can think of would be an EdgeRouter X from Ubiquity. Costs like 50 Dollars and can do load balancing and all sort of stuff like vpn and stuff. Or you could build your own router running pfSense
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    ++ for EdgeRouter X

    Either you set up load balancing or you set up 2 separate DHCP subnets with each of his own gateway and proper routing tables on the gateways for outgoing & subnet to subnet routing.
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    @Stark @PonySlaystation @nicogramm @nbamaral

    I just bought this one :
    TP-Link TL-R470T + Load Balance Broadband Router


    It has yet to arrive. Even if it does, I have no freaking idea how to set it up.

    Thank y'all for your responses!
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    @bigus-dickus I was only looking at them so that I could load balance my internet connection.
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