Friend gave me his cheap few dollars wifi adapter.
Took it connected to PC. And tried monitor mode. Ofcourse it isnt gonna work. Yup not working.
OK lets search for better driver for this thing. Hmmmmmm
Compiling error. Well thats what i get for getting the latest kernel. Well incompatible pointer type.
Nah fuck that.
-Wno-incompatible-pointer-type Boooom build.
Can connect to network (Amazing i know. Who would say that wifi can connect to wifi AP LOOOOL)
And monitor mode works too.
Packet injection works too.
Good stuff.
And best part is that i had an old router with looooong antena on it and it wasnt working since i fried the CPU on that one. (I posted rant about that. USB mod didnt go as planed when somebody scares you when you are soldering)
So i took the antena and well now i have Wifi adapter with monitor working that can get wifi from next fucking street and maybe even the next street after that one since aluminium pointer is good.

And yes ofcourse the pull request is already sent in the second i fixed it.

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    Not sure about this, but shouldn't -Wno-* only disable the warning output, but not fix a build error?
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    @Forside Actually no. I was suprised too since i was thinking that -W would fix only warnings but well i tried it and it worked no issue. I guess it hides errors too.
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