Ranting on behalf of a sysadmin friend of mine.

He went to one of their clients for some task(on a Friday). He had, ~8 years ago set up a nas for them.

He while doing his task(some server setup) he noticed that the NAS was extremely slow, so he asked the local sysadmin about it:

Friend(f): That NAS, what's up with it? Have you been maintaining it, like agreed?
idiot local admin(i): Nothing, haven't touched it since you set it up.
f: You mean you haven't even run an update or checked the drives in 8 years? Did you set up a backup server?
i: No, I didn't.
f: You idiot!

My friend interrupts his work and immediately checks the server to find that 7 drives in the RAID have already failed and one more is almost failing(ie, already slowed significantly).

If 8 fail, the entirety of the data is gone, without backup. It contains all business critical data.

He shut's the NAS down immediately, and working the weekend he manages to build a new NAS and migrate all data.

What does he get from the CEO for liter all saving his business?
A gift, a thank you, money?

No, an angry letter, because he "insulted" one of his employees.


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    CEO is an arse, props to your mate for doing the professional thing.
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    Fuck shitadmins like that local piece of shit. Please relay to your sysadmin friend that I think that his work is amazing. It's one thing to see your hard work having been neglected and abused.. but it's something truly admirable when you go to fix it without even asking for payment, because it's your little mind child and you want it to look good. Getting insulted over that.. despicable act on the local company's end. Your sysadmin friend on the other hand, tip of the hat to him!
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    @Condor I definetly will!
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    @Condor Although they had to pay for parts and 5 hours of work(even though it was his whole weekend, he didn't want to bill more).

    And his boss gave him a week of "home office".
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    @xzvf they should've paid the whole deal for being cunts like that though...
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    What kind of RAID allows 8 disks to fail?
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    @fdgram I wanna know also unless it's a raid 60 maybe or 50
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    @icycrash it would have to be, like, RAID twelve for 8x parity, or just RAID1 over 8 drives...
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    @fdgram is there a raid 12? I've heard of raid 7 but that's 3 disk. And radius 60 is double parity plus mirrored.
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    @icycrash no, that's the point. It could probably be set up but it's not standard. RAID 60 is two 6s striped, not mirrored, so it can handle 2 drives failing for each RAID6.
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    I would of undone the work after that comment and walked away before the garbage fire NAS exploded..... But that's just me 🤷🏽‍♂️
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    ❄ everywhere....
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    @fdgram Exactly, multiple types of software raid were used.
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    @xzvf what types is what I'm interested in?
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    @fdgram No idea, wasn't me after all.
    I suspect a mixture of raid 0,1,3.
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    What raid setup was it even using since all data fit on one of the 8 drives?
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    See above.
    There are other types of raid than raid1.
    Who said there were only 8 drives.
    As far as I know there were 36.
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    @fdgram @icycrash I asked him yesterday(we met up), there were 36 drives in the array, but still I have no idea how it was configured.
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    Umm. To be honest, that was very unprofessional. It's client's hardware, client's setup and client's business what he does with his NAS. Before doing anything he should have discussed it with the client and explain the severity of the situation, not just take the hardware and spend a weekend of his private time to fix someone's shit nobody asked him to.
    I know he probably meant good, but that's really not the point.
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    @xzvf shit configuratie if all data is gone when 8/36 drives fail
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    @wiwe2210 No, not really. 8 drives failing is A LOT of time to react.
    And therefore the ideal raid setup depends on use case, budget, storage space required, space and power constraints.

    One could put 100 drives in raid 1, but that's not really beneficial, 99.9℅ of the time.
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    @xzvf raid is just a oh shit 3 am Sunday morning crutch. Just keep you limping till you fix it. Nothing beats a true backup but a 7 drive failure before you start losing data may just make people lazy.
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