Stickers arrived a couple of weeks ago ...but didn't managed to post a pic till now and to say thank you devRant. I love you all...keep the spirit.

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    save a cow and eat a vegetarian. SERIOUSLY ???
    Who tf even prepares all these also?😑
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    @FunniestClown its seriously bullshit ...thats why i love it
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    @FunniestClown I really don't get the huge hype of stickers on laptops, but that's the only one in the picture, that I really find funny.

    On a different matter: still can't decide where to put my devrant stickers once they arrive, if they arrive...
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    Putting stickers on your laptop is gonna make me ask about everything I know about on there to see if you know your shit
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    @jespersh do you really want to talk about IoT and Eclipse?
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