Just like GMO foods have to be labelled as such in some regions, electron apps should be labelled too so I don't accidentally contract RAM-herpes

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    I support this.
    Fuck putting Chrome under everything just because you're lazy.

    Letting Telegram and WhatsApp run side by side and watching their resource usage is just ridiculously funny to watch.
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    @WhAtEvErYoUmEaN telegram isn't chromium tho
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    They should use the framework architecture: there's a 50 MBs Electron installer to install, it runs as a minimal server and starts one instance of Chromium with multiple tabs + main process when requested to. App installers are around 5 MBs and apps consume a lot less resources.
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    @mishaor I threw Telegram in as comparison. It and WhatsApp have a similar Featureset but WhatsApp uses a metric shit ton more resources.
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    @mishaor I just want PWAs for desktop.

    A lot of my electron stuff is just configuring existing webpages for desktop. 50mb to run a 20kb site? This ain't it chief
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    @woodworks or just ditch Electron completely and create one standart for applications to rely on. AFAIK Google and Microsoft allow you to publish PWA apps on their stores.
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    @mishaor 🙃 as of yesterday chrome rolled out update 70 to all users which enables desktop PWAs!!!
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    @woodworks finally somebody will make electron devs grasp the concept of finite space
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    @mishaor I just tried it out and it's honestly great, basically everyone has chrome and my Vue pwa works like native!

    Chrome also won't allow the app to pwa unless it meets a bunch of requirements, and has a limit on the cache as well as requires a service worker to be registered.


    Edit: it may not have been clear from this but the app requires trivial space on my PC because it runs off of chrome kinda
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