Could probably write one myself, but fuck me I wish there was a ready plugin for vsCode or a tool that can fetch external resources into selected folders (e.g css, js, .. in the public folder) and replace it inside the code, it has been way too many times that I synced my code base and went out with my laptop, just to realize I forgot half of it has external resources like bootstrap and my mobile connection is terrible enough to call it quits.

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    Maybe you should not work outside of work hours? 🤔
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    @irene I do full-time freelance, I work whenever I want during the day/week/month, there's no real work hours for me really, also it happens with pretty much all of my personal projects too :)
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    @JoshBent a sure way to burnout. 🙃
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    @irene Have been this way for a while, have had burn outs in the far past, but balance is key, especially because now I know my limits.
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    @JoshBent btw, what about syncting or other filesync software?
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    @irene I just use dropbox as it gives me another level of backups and easy sync across all devices, incl. linux, not the problem I meant in the OP though btw
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