Any advice for a developer who is older (mid 30s) midway throughout their university studies and already struggling at their first dev job?

I love what I do but I feel like I take way too long to deliver. Starting to wonder if I even made the right choice going back to school and that maybe I was way over my head thinking I could have a career in this field and maybe I should just do call centers my whole life...

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    Don't worry about it. It takes time to get good and deliver faster.

    Be patient with yourself. Read around the subject in your spare time (associated languages etc.). Talk to other devs around you and learn from them.

    And you did make the right call - developing is very rewarding and pretty future proof.

    Good luck, and rant when you need us.
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    @succyproggy: First of all, welcome to devRant! 😁
    Second of all, as a "junior" dev in mid-30s, I can tell you it's going to be a rocky journey to land to a job. Age discrimination is real. BUT remain true to your cause and you will be greatly rewarded.
    Since you're studying, try to gather as much experience as you can from internships and other actions/events, that's what companies want to see. Still, I've never regretted my decision to resume (in my case) my studies.
    I wish you all the best in your studies! 😃
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    Go to Meetup.com and join different coding groups in your city. Then Network like mad. Someone has something for you.
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