Had to create this table tent because mfs just couldn't take a hint. I also have one for when I'm concentrating/deep in code zone.

  • 19
    "Assiduously"? Christ that's a hell of a word, I like it.

    Good job Kevin
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    Kevin is busy!
    All heil Kevin!
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    ...assiduously on an assigned task. If you need assistance, please assume that any request's associated time will be limited.

    Need slip in more ass at work B-)
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    Someday someone (I think amazon) will build a ML powered display capable to answer to FAQ. Reducing distractions from coworkers.
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    @shelladdicted that could be already achieved with some voice recognition (ex. Google) and search by keywords in the defined FAQ 🤔
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    @irene sounds like a collab ;-)
    Maybe @Condor can help on the hardware side.
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    I always upvote ass
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    @DLMousey Thats exactly what I said lol
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    @shelladdicted I recall that one of the fruity pie boards has a built-in mic.. Orange or Banana Pi if memory serves me right, but not sure. As for the voice assistant part.. I vaguely recall that Google has an API, but I haven't looked much into it.
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    Much too nice.
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    add a line:

    it's just some text to tell you to FUCK OFF
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    Leave Kevin alone.
    Also why do I have to leave my desk and sit at a far corner hot desk?
    Leave #metoo
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    @Root trust me, I would have loved to be more frank, but management...
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    I like the clean layout, mate. Good job.
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    @Intronout thank you, I figured I'll make it easy to read so there will be no excuses
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    @Bitkris mother f***ers 😅
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    Well-designed and easy to read. Good job, albeit too kind for my tastes. I prefer to be more blunt: https://devrant.io/rants/376009
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    @Koolstr love that 🤣
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    @irene Heh, thanks :3

    I actually got it as a birthday present from my brother 😅
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    Who even would read it?
  • 2
    @Pogromist I'm having a 90% success rate thus far.
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    @kshep92 maybe that red sign attracts attention.
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    Good idea. I would have been 200% more productive today if it weren't for my colleges who don't even know git and have to ask for EVERY SINGLE COMMAND!
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    @Trablarer I assume the internet is banned at your office? 😂😂
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    Kevin's very polite, I think most people's sign would read: "No. Now F*$! OFF."
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    The beauty of remote work is that you don't have to worry about this
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    Surely a 5 second question still ruins the next 20 minutes of work? Don't tolerate their questions, drop an email or send an IM, event if it says "when you're free, could you drop by for a quick chat?"
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