Had to create this table tent because mfs just couldn't take a hint. I also have one for when I'm concentrating/deep in code zone.

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    "Assiduously"? Christ that's a hell of a word, I like it.

    Good job Kevin
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    Kevin is busy!
    All heil Kevin!
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    ...assiduously on an assigned task. If you need assistance, please assume that any request's associated time will be limited.

    Need slip in more ass at work B-)
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    Someday someone (I think amazon) will build a ML powered display capable to answer to FAQ. Reducing distractions from coworkers.
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    @shelladdicted that could be already achieved with some voice recognition (ex. Google) and search by keywords in the defined FAQ 🤔
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    @irene sounds like a collab ;-)
    Maybe @Condor can help on the hardware side.
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    I always upvote ass
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    @DLMousey Thats exactly what I said lol
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    @shelladdicted I recall that one of the fruity pie boards has a built-in mic.. Orange or Banana Pi if memory serves me right, but not sure. As for the voice assistant part.. I vaguely recall that Google has an API, but I haven't looked much into it.
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    Much too nice.
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    add a line:

    it's just some text to tell you to FUCK OFF
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    Leave Kevin alone.
    Also why do I have to leave my desk and sit at a far corner hot desk?
    Leave #metoo
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    @Root trust me, I would have loved to be more frank, but management...
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    I like the clean layout, mate. Good job.
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