When you get a grumpy cat sticker from the #wife

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    So... maybe she's telling you something?

    Are you somehow like a grumpy cat? Maybe she's a grumpy cat? 🤔 You did oder forgot something (like her birthday ~) - try to remember!!! IT'S A TRAP! 😸
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    @Irithyll I am grumpy cat!
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    Grumpy cat ... And pusheeen !!! Wow I want a pusheen sticker !!
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    Omg love the "there is no cloud" sticker. Fucking thank you 😆😆
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    why are the stickers upside down 😐
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    @CodeBane it's just servers somewhere in USA or Europe providing a whole bunch of services
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    Wife? Never heard of that before. What is that?

    Where did you get yours?

    Are they expensive?

    Are batteries included?
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