The people who wrote the specs for SAP OCI should be hanged by rusty barbed wire while being tickled by krusty the clown.
Which one of these stinky hobbits thought it was a great idea to require a (catalog) server to handle a POST request by sending back an HTML form which has to execute a POST request immediately by JavaScript on load?
Why not fucking respond with the actual god damn fucking data?
Some "senior" (read "senile") software "engineer" has to get decapitated.

Quote from the specification (OCI Function: VALIDATE, section 2.3.2):
"The product catalog replies with an HTML page that contains a form with the productdata in OCI format. [...] The HTML page may not contain any visible elements ([...]). The form must be sent automatically by JavaScript after the page has been loaded."

The only thing that should get sent after loading would be these people's asses to hell after my minigun has finished loading.

SAP is the kind of company who earns a huge junk of money from utter, stinking, filthy crap and they like to piss in their customers' "müesli".

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    lemme round your upvote count up nicely for this excellent rant! NB: good Lord that sounds awful! who the fuck thought that was a good way to do things? -.-
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    Another great quote from the specs (different function):

    "The product catalog replies with an HTML page that contains the search results in OCI format. All search results must be accessible on this page without having to use a scroll function since the page is evaluated automatically. The form from this page should not be sent automatically to the return URL."

    What the fuck do you want?
    "overflow: hidden;"?
    No lazy loading?
    No pagination?

    What is your idea of "the page is evaluated automatically"?

    Why does it fucking need a form?
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    @PonySlaystation any time! and about that documentation: that doesn't sound like a rabbit hole you wanna go down, mate...
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    @CoffeeNcode too late... I'm already 12h deep down there, but hopefully in another 4 hours tomorrow this slimey mess will be finally over...
    If you have not seen a rant or comment from me by tomorrow midnight, please call a mortician for me and organize a peaceful funeral with a soothing breeze of Frailty. https://youtu.be/rwG2-sL7dYg
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    sure. I'll delete your browser history too
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    @CoffeeNcode thanks, but no need for that, I always use incognito mode for my nighly visits on stack overflow. 😏
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