Today i touched bash scripting. and i must sya its actually not as hard as everybody says it is. Friend said it was hard as fuck but i did loops, if, while and etc and it isnt that hard so far. Yeah sure hard stuff gonna be hard what the fuck do you expect ? I might actually continue on this little script.
Oh and yeah the script is for my school. We have a pretty good router in here it costs about 500$ and i played with it today. Created network scanner for my teacher to simplify the work.

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    I agree. Its not that hard. But there are a lot of limitations
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    Usually bash is very nice for file manipulation, renaming, moving stuff, even some quick csv manipulation (cut) and filter (using a bunch of grep with pipes is awesome!)

    If it starts getting more complicated than that use some python and import OS for the bash functions
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    cmd is way harder for minimal complex scripts :)
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    Bash is awesome.. kinda limited in functionality but I guess comparable to PHP in difficulty. One thing that's always baffled me though is POSIX compliance. It's difficult to see what's a bashism and what isn't, because some things that are supposedly bashisms do work in dash (/bin/sh). Other than that, I love the language.. and, well, it's the only programming language that I'm reasonably proficient in :')
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    I'm a beginner and I'd say yeah its not tough. You can achieve some real tasks very easily. But, the only downside is that the syntax is so different than everything else that I've worked with, and it's a little not-so-easy to work with.
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    What does your friend usually do?

    Sysadmin here.. bash, ksh are really amazing. Like it more than Poweshell.
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