Me trying to be productive on weekdays,

Btw, it’s only 3 links away from Reddit to Sushi in wikipedia,

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    How many articles does wikipedia have in english? I'd love to build a graph of references now that you mention it.
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    @tokumei not sure, but a quick google search shows this
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    Just like any two people on Earth can be linked through 6 (I think; acquaintances of acquaintances of ..) the same was found for Wikipedia

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    @VikiMaster2 ah, six degrees of separation, the script has a really good song about it, and that’s a cool site, btw

    My friend and I sometimes played the game, one guy mention 2 topics, and both parties has to find the shortest link from one to the other, and vice versa
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    @ichijou that sounds like a game I'll be trying in the next week 👍🏼
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