Really IBM? Selling certificates to own employees that are valid only inside the company? A bit greedy from my point of view.

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    @Stuxnet Me, working at IBM and receiving a mail with discounts for those. Can't share it because of compliance tho.
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    Looks like they are adding micro-transactions to the workforce.

    What a scummy thing to do.
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    Why are they invalid outside the company?
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    @desmondanimus well depends on which position and where. Working on projects is OK but my team has not enough people and I need to do both 1st level monitoring work on shifts and programming. Can't speak for all departments tho. They give you space for ideas, improvements and career advancement, but where I am, the management is terrible.
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    @desmondanimus That is a hard request for 1st level support guy :D

    Honestly I have no idea how it goes at IBM with security and incident response teams.

    At my site we are in direct contact with customers and clients. So it's mostly support, administration and server maintenance here. Basic IT knowledge was enough to get me this job and with python programming I was able to join on an automation project.
    I could have been already on 2nd level unix/linux support long ago but shortage of people and onboarding freeze kinda fucked me over. But this situation is affecting only IBM Europe as far as I know.

    Sorry I couldn't be more of help.
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