I'm looking for a pen-testing toolkit for Linux. I tried using Kali, Parrot, Backbox and Blackarch and all failed to work.

Kali and Parrot wouldn't install due to the outdated installer looking for cdroms despite me installing from a USB. Backbox was an unpolished buggy mess and blackarch wouldn't even connect to the Internet.

I figure it'd be a better idea to install my favorite Linux distro and install some kind of pen-testing toolkit. I'm using it to test my websites for vulnerabilities so I prefer something with tools based around that, or at least has the capability for it.

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    For Kali you use win32diskimager and the iso/img. You don't need an installer
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    @SteffTek Yeah but my USB drive is like 8GB and when I create a new user account on Kali, it breaks the entire system.
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    @EclipseMain that doesn't make any sense
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    Ehmm, if you install kali with pesistent it will work fine
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    Blackarch didnt connect to internet because YOU didnt enable internet. sudo systemctl start dhcpcd.
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    Brother you just need "Etcher".
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    Depends on what you're testing.

    Also you can always make one yourself
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    Lol "blackarch didn't connect to the internet" .

    That's so funny.
    If you don't know how to use Linux, don't start with pentesting via Linux.
    Oh and btw arch has a good wiki. If you just googled your problem...

    So jokes on you
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    I have used Kali for 2 years, 2014, 15. It works really well, installed from USB. I'm not sure why you can't install tho
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    I smell something like a noob that trying to blame hacker tools for his own ignorance.
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    "failed to work" have you ever installed (successfully) a distro dude ?
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    I felt the same., thought of being polite to the people 🙉🙊🙈
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    This reminds me of those "pLz sIr pLz tEaCh mE hOw tO HaCk" comments on videos related to Linux on youtube.
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    @HarleyQuinn the same question we had in the 90s on mailing lists and in 00s in forums...
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    I sense a skid lol but if your using it to pen test your site you could probably just get one working pretty quickly through a vm
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    If the cdrom issue you have faced is what I'm thinking of, you can remedy it by using Rufus' DD (instead of ISO) image mode to set up the USB.
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