Its been a month since i opened Android studio, and am feeling so weird doing the things now i do.

I had been learning and developing apps for almost an year( not exactly any big apps, but kinda in a learning phase, making prototypes, learning about the internal workings, reading blogs/articles,etc ) . Although i did got a few internships and earned some money, i didn't felt any good calling myself an Android developer with insufficient skills.

Frustrated, i just thought of taking a break, as my college was also giving a pressure of its own. Meanwhile i got a python data analytics scholarship from some 1 day competition at clg., So last September and October have pretty much gone into that. Python being an old friend seems like a pretty fun thing to do, and am totally into it (for now)

But java seems to let go of my hands even faster. Even though i used to waste much of my time reading how stuff works or checking out ui/animations , i did coded some stuff and made cool prototypes. i had a feeling that one day this all learning will be over and i will be able to code apps with ease... But now, it feels am going back to stage Zero. I feel as if i can't even write a hello world app.

I hope my poor little codebase is documented well enough to accept me back.
Don't leave me, java . We are on a break :'''(

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