My tablet is lying on a table 2m away from me and I have to install a new app.. but I don't want to get out of my couch ffs! And I haven't configured dropbear in it yet, and neither do I have adb over TCP/IP. Well fuck it then. My desktop with BlueStacks.. hah, it's running fucking WanBLowS. No remote access there. Too much to ask of that certified pile of crap.

But the point is.. moar remotes, moar better 😋 anything to not have to stand up, taught by my ability to log into a server in Italy from the comfort of my couch. SSH and the sysadmin trade sure is nothing short of amazing ♥️

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    You can install apps from the play store site on other devices :P.
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    @Jifuna it was an external apk from GitHub 😕
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    @Condor Ah fair enough.
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    I use NoMachine to remote desktop into all the Windows computers on my home network...works pretty well.

    Besides, doesn't Win10 have an optional SSH server that you can enable?
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    @RememberMe oh, thanks for the suggestion! I'll try to remember to check it out. As for the built-in SSH server.. yeah it's there but I never got around configuring it, haha.
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