I had to install a program whose setup file size was 3GB and I already had that setup in my pendrive, but my pendrive was in the other room so instead of going there and bringing that pendrive, I re-downloaded the setup.

My other room is hardly 5m away

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    i rather consider this boasting about your bandwidth. if i would redownload 3gb i could as well have fetched up the pendrive while having a meal before starving to death.
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    If your internet speed is that fast why not
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    Now I know the reason for internet outages
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    Good practice - always download the latest stable release
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    So ????
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    Hahha i can relate. A week ago , i had to transfer a 1.3 gb movie from laptop to mobile. The mobile was there, the laptop was there , but the cord wasn't and i was too lazy to get out of bed . so i just opened a link and downloaded the movie from there
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    @erroronline1 well, 2 minutes isn't that mutch?
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    @ralnivar i might have been exaggerating but it would take about 1.5 hours for me (acknowleging there are fellows that have lesser bandwidth than me)
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    *cries in 1mbps BSNL
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    *cries in Mobile Data 😫
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    *cries in Mobile Data 😫
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    You literally have no idea how many times i downloaded dozens of gigabytes that i had already downloaded, but forgot about that :D
    Lat case was yesterday, it was installation disk for Ubuntu.
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