Certified Enganeers: 0, Internet Connectivity Issues: 1

Those idiots couldn't even understand why I'd connected a second router (a DLink DIR 816) for better WiFi than their default garbage modem/router. And one of them told me that he'd login to the router by "putting the address in Google" (and proceeded to type in the search bar, after I explained to him that Firefox was a browser too, just like Chrome -.-)

And they didn't even fix the problem, which is most probably on their end since everything checks out here. Brilliant. More shitty 3G/4G for me.


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    Nice, I needed to laugh and cry at the same time today
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    I'm a simple man. I see the word "certified enganeers" being used, I ++ and it fucking makes my day 😍
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    crouchified egganeers
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    So many things are wrong in that story. Wish you good luck 😔
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