Windows 10 is still nothing better than hot garbage.

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    Are you going to dev your own OS as per your cosmetic needs then?
    If NOT then respect others work and use with peace
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    @noms89 No. I'm going to continue to use Windows 7 Ultimate and complain about advertising.
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    This rant suffice as an example for wk126. Calling something garbage without any reasoning just because...

    Devs are lazy like that 😅
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    @varikvalefor If you are going to still use Win7 over Win10, then I must ask you: WTF is your problem? 😄

    Win10 is way faster and works more stable. Some features are pretty useful.
    Win7 is pathetic.
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    @varikvalefor windows 7 is gonna die, most software release doesn’t support it anymore
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    Win10 is so much garbage that even the rants about Win10 suck.
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    @Fast-Nop All right, that made me laugh.
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    @PonySlaystation The GUI of Windows 10 might be faster, but I haven't seen that speed in programmes which I actually want.
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    @varikvalefor I doubt that. A lot of speed tests have shown thag Win10 is on average 10% faster.
    In my subjective opinion I've made the same experience.

    And even if it was slower: Win7 is going to reach EOL and it's pretty old anyway.
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