Consistent theme:
Me: hey, we should really do/use X
Someone above me: Nah we don't need it/we already use Y

1 week later (or less):
SAM: Hey, I was thinking maybe we should start using X

This has happened 5 different times already. 2 of them were security related and only talked about after our infosec guy brought it up.

Don't dismiss ideas your interns have just because we're interns, we might have good suggestions.

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    I think it's more about how you say it... When you say 'we might use X instead of Y', that's not good enough. You should say 'because of benefits a, b, and c, don't you think we could use X instead of Y?'

    As in, don't focus on technology. Focus on what it brings you--saved time, less instabilities, faster deploy time, less technical debt...
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    See also: Me, my spouse, and a relative stranger re: anything.
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    Solutions > Features
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    @piehole oh I certainly do... Perhaps I have to get better at it, but I haven't had this issue at any other internship 🤷
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