Blindly copy pasted and executed commands from tutorial.
Just because it was faster to reformat sd card in the worst case ( raspberry pi ) than figure out what each one did.

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    Did exactly the same back in 2000ish for an SD card in my old Palm. Only that I accidentally formatted my hard drive and did not know what I know now about data forensics.
    That taught me.
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    Those screw ups teach you the most i think. Recently I bodged my 1TB disk with old familly photos and stuff because I tried dual boot win/lin. Learned so much about recovery. Got about 80% out .. better than nothing.
    Necessity is the best teacher.

    Did you manage do recover something ? Or learn that latter? I assume it must have been waaay harder in those days to find usefull informations.
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    @Chill I could restore some code from a backup. But most of the other stuff was just crappy music and save games (I was 14ish back then).

    Yeah, most of the info I found back then were either commercial tool ads, malware or both.
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