Guys, how you think, making USB Keyboard from old, but cool AT Keyboard (BTC-5339) and writing firmware for avr microcontroller by myself is a good idea? :D

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    Cool project if you have the time!

    I think I'd just buy a keyboard though :-)
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    Cool idea! I actually wanted to do this once, but the problem I ran into is reading the key matrix. There are however microcontrollers that make this a lot easier, like a TCA8418 (http://www.ti.com/product/tca8418). I have ordered one of those to play with (they're cheaper from china ;P), but I haven't had the chance to actually try it out. Keep us posted though!
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    I've also tried this, it'll teach you a lot of cool info on how keyboards work and what they do at the lowest of levels.
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    Thank you for the good words! I'll try to make it on my best, btw It's AT controller works perfect, so I'll write a convertter on atmega + add done cool functions like macros, some rgb underglow and of course, I'll paint It's case, because of It's old yellow color
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    Use a teensy.
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    check r/mechanicalkeyboards they will help
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    @n1had I was inspired by theese people on this project :D
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    @wgroenewold Thanks, already pick clone of sparkfun pro micro with same avr core as teensy.
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    I'm currently doing something similar for my piBook pro project, using a teensy. I'm currently trying to make sense of the matrix.. it's making my head hurt lol, but learning a lot about the lower levels as @brod mentioned
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