I started programming when I was 18. Now I am 22 and I am programming Machine learning and and AI.

You don’t have to start when your 10 to be the best at it...

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    I started as a kid (I think I was 10)... I always was curious about anything technical, so I had lots of other hobbies as well (RC airplanes, Tinkering in general etc).

    The most important lesson if you start learning it early is that programming is one skill, but professional software development is another one that incorporates a lot more - I think if you start learning to code for your job, it's easier to just learn the professionalism part right.

    A lot of the things I learned since then (I started in 2004) are frankly useless right now because the languages are either dead (BlitzBasic, Perl, Delphi) or tech has changed enough to make old knowledge irrelevant (C#, Java, Python, PHP).

    And btw: I'm currently starting out with ML myself, mostly for my own personal interests...
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    Nobody ever said that it's necessary to start at a young age
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    So what you are saying is that with your 4 years of experience you are a expert / the best in the field ?

    Sigh. In 15 years you'll understand
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    The best at it? Hmmm
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    Same thing just 10 years later.

    Started at 28, now I am 32...
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    @unclekev programming machine learning doesn’t make me the best at the field... I am just saying it’s never too late
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    The best, uh? A bit pretentious
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