Jesus, using vim in browser is such a beautiful thing, thought it's pointless.

Also, FUCK managers/bosses that change their technologies for no fuckin reason.
I didn't spend 1+ month to learn .NET core, which is a fine piece of tech and you suddenly come and say that we should move to PHP because the new guys you hired are PHP devs and don't know a single line of .NET.

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    Who the fuck hires developers who doesn't know the language you're working with? 😂
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    Ouch. Dot Net Core is a beautiful, beautiful thing. That's a shame.
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    I love php. But .net core sure is a thing lf beauty :( maybe convince him to let you crosstrain them? Could even charge more or get a bonus for instruction services and stuff man.
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    @ScriptCoded I'm a uni student and one of my teachers saw that i write code mostly and Python and "promoted" me.

    My manager said we will use .NET and i said ok since whatever i did was mostly Python, i will just need time to adjust and he said ok. "CEO" was fine too.

    I got the backend and 1 guy the front end.

    Now the CEO hired 2 more people that are PHP devs and he doesn't want to lose time.

    I can't take any blame, but my manager did.

    I can't understand what the fuck he was thinking about.

    There are more PHP devs than .NET but he shouldn't hire PHP devs or if he wanted to do, they should learn .NET. Not hire them and make me now learn PHP, which i hate.
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    That's why micro-services are a glorious thing if your app's complexity can justify it. If you do an architecture where your different components communicate with each other via some kind of api instead of direct references, you could continue coding in .net core. =/
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    @woops But you'll have to rewrite you whole codebase, right?
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    @ScriptCoded Well we just "started" so the whole code base, especially the backend isn't something big.

    It's re writable. That's not the main point.

    The "complaint" is that i spent time learning the philosophy of .NET, got familiar with it, learnt to use Windows and it's services and now he wants to move to PHP?

    Why? C#/.NET is a very good language/framework and i liked it but now he hires 2 PHP devs for what?
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    Not pointless at all for people who are not allowed to install software at work
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    @woops at least you learned something. You didn't lose anything but gained a lot.
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