I am an I.T Admin currently responsible for the URS, Validation, oversight of outsourced development and deployment of a new application for our company...

I've been saying once a week now for 2 fucking months that this thing will be ready to deploy at the end of the week.

With enough technical knowledge I know the hell business people put developers through, the lack of contextual understanding of the Job between the two sides is insane.

(I mean holy shit when you tab through various fields, even that ordering needs to be explicitly programmed.)

I refuse to put the pressure on our devs that I am told too, I cant submit a request and phone ten minutes later to ask if itll be done today, people plan their lives, the devs have other clients and projects... what the mother of fuck makes us so special that they must drop everything.

On top of that all the testing I do over and over and over and over reveals some pretty huge operational risks and I keep making changes so as to not blow up the operations of half our company.

I am not saying my boss is horrible or anything but Holy Hell, most people just can't put themselves in someone else's shoes for five short minutes

I try to please my boss while trying to protect my devs from abuse and sadly it results in me being in the middle of two sides playing tug of war and it is ripping me apart...

Why can't people just be more understanding and communicate and understand better... But don't worry all you beautiful game changing, world improving devs... I will always have your back

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    Thank you guardian of devs
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    "Jefreaky the Valiant, Guardian of the Devs, Bringer of Peace" shall be your new title. You may use it as you please.
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    Jeez what epic titles I have been graced with. On a side note anyone got a sudden craving for some World of Warcraft!
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    @Jefreaky I will neither confirm nor deny, but there is a launcher somewhere with "12 days remaining". (Time is unfortunately an issue)
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    If only there were more pm's / managers like you!
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    I’ve been in your shoes comrade. It is a position where it is very difficult to please anyone even a little bit, but easy to make everyone hate you.
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