Counted it out... 100k LoC frontend & backend... Not a single automated test. No unit testing, no integration testing, nothing. I've been asked to implement a CI server.


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    Before anyone asks, backend is express + GraphQL, frontend is angular, everything is typescript. Did a find for TS, JSON, PEGJS, PUG, & STYL files (ignoring node_modules ofc), piped it into wc -l, and got 108k. Rounded down to account for comments, empty lines, etc
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    @Cheeseypi well the CI won’t have much to do 😅
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    You should run the `sloccount` util.
    It'll be interesting if nothing else.
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    I got nauseous reading this
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    I was tasked with automating e2e testing for a hybrid app, and then integrating it with a Jenkins server. Project has been running for almost 2 years now, with no style guide, a very... unorthodox commit history and a loooot of hacky code.
    I feel your pain, man
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