That moment when they ask you to fix Sharepoint issue and you have null experience in it!

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    How about being 'promoted' to the SharePoint admin because you were the only one not actively working on a project at the time? Yea, that's me also with null experience.

    SharePoint really isn't that bad once you embrace it is a very complicated system. Take a piece at at time and understand its just a big web app with a SQL server back-end.

    - Powershell is your friend

    - People who developed SharePoint are not your friends.

    - Weird crap happens in SharePoint, ULSViewer is the only way to view SharePoint's logs when errors occur.
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    @PaperTrail I am the only developer in the company, the Sharepoint developer left a long time ago before I even join.

    Hint: they built a web part/web service in .NET and add it to SharePoint and one component is broken now :)

    So, I started to investigate .. no source code could be found :)

    Admin dashboard needs a guide to know what everything does.

    And much more .. but it will be fixed on Sunday after I finish enjoying my weekend and clearing my mind.

    I agree with you, SharePoint developers aren’t my friends ..
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