Someone I know has been convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that SiteCore is this amazing peice of magic software where you push a few buttons and your wildest dreams come true.

Anytime there's a probem with our other websites (laravel sites or Drupal sites) we get a lecute on how a SiteCore site would do X so much better and how the problem would never happen on a SiteCore instance'

I think it's a little bloated and don't like the tech stack behind it.

What are your thoughts on it? Is it magic ? Should I agree with him and just stop fighting the inevitable?

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    "I summon you, CraftCMS! Beat 'em all!"

    Never heard of Sitecore, only other *core.
    Like hardcore, grindcore, manticore, ...

    The Drupals, Laravels, Joomlas and Wordpress' can all go enjoy a stinky bag of dicks.
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