For the guys familiar with 3D printing.

Does your slicer also give you time estimates that are completely off? I'm printing something that would take 10 hours according my slicer. Started it at around 10 AM and its 1AM now and still printing. Halfway during the print I increased the printing speed to 150% because it was way to slow.

Is it just me or are the estimates completely off at each print and the longer the print takes the less useful the estimates are.

Any advice?

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    The slicer is estimating the print time based on the speeds that are given in the slicing profile. Your actual printer speeds may be different. Check your firmware config to see if the speeds on each axis match.

    But yes generally everything I slice takes longer than the estimated time.
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    Exactly what @Ximidar said, but with one adition if i may, compare/look at accelerations also.
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    Which slicer are you using? Cura gets the estimates pretty close every time for me.
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    @qdsp13 simplify3D, i font have an opensource printer so cura doesnt work for me.
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