On friday a colleague reveived an email from one of our biggest customers. The email was about a public repository on github which contains our software. In the code were many emails from employees...

I'm the guy who is actually writing this software and we are in an early stadium of development. So I wrote this emails for a dropdown field plain in the code for testing. I would never do this in a release version!! We have a company bitbucket server where I push all my stuff to.

Two months ago my team leader aquired a student, he will be working during his graduation, and he has many fresh ideas. And he coded some cool stuff for a big conference here germany. But, BUT!! Last tuesday he has the awesome idea to publish our code on github. He didn't ask anyone. This repo was 3 days online, with emails from our customer. I asked him for a reason to do that. He thought they wouldn't find the repo. WTF?!?

I don't know what we can expect, but this is really shitty!

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