I never turn off my laptop because it takes to much time to boot.

I have a Macbook Pro, it takes literally 5 seconds to boot up...

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    But you know, that this 5-sec thing is NOT a proper boot-up?
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    @mlask Its in some bullshit by apple that is just like snapshot in VM.
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    @Haxk20 show me that „bullshit” in any other OS working so flawless like in Mac...
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    @mlask Linux if you set it up correctly. I could set it up the way that it would boot in less then 5 seconds but its too much work for such a small improvement since my laptop boots in 10-15 seconds running GNOME on Arch linux on SSD.
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    @mlask @Haxk20 Windows boots in about 5 sec for me with that same fast startup tech. And it's fairly consistent.
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    @RememberMe wakeup from RAM is NOT a boot-up...
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    @mlask not talking about that. Windows saves the initialized kernel and drivers and stuff to disk and then shoves that directly into the RAM on next "boot".

    My point was that macOS does something similar and you'd said, and I quote: "show me that "bullshit" in any other OS working so flawless like in Mac". Here you go. Windows does it sort-of-flawlessly too.
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    We is spoiled mofockas.
    My macs both as fast and I still get annoying that shit ain't instant.

    Spoiled man
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    Macbooks have pcie ssds....
    Most laptops have hdd's...
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