some genius modafaka thought REPLACING python3.6 by 3.7 in all the dev machines is gonna be fine... the whole team is going nuts... fuck you IT... who gave you the permission

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    Shit that's tough
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    Must be one of those "I like living on the bLeEdInG eDgE" people *cough* Arch users *cough*
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    If your code doesn't survive a minor version bump, chances are it's not good and you should be ashamed of it.
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    @StefanGliga That's pretty much a start-up mindset.. the land the big dogs is tough and nasty.

    Any production environment must be pristine. In any large corporations it must be even more so. Minor version bump or major no DevOps team can afford a minute of downtime on their tooling, other systems depend on these.
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    @sam21s I know, deadlines happen and "it works" becomes good enough. I still think somebody should go in and scrub the codebase of any non standard feature use and similar. But a technician should have tested thoroughly if a version switch will brake something.
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