Behold, the SQLite new Code of Conduct:


May this be a guide to all current and future projects.

I don't think it's wholly a joke, but it is a jab at those who seemingly cannot live without having a CoC everywhere. Especially in projects, they do not actually participate in. Now watch as this gets blown out of proportion, because this will make some people really, really angry.

I truly hope this stays up!

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    Love god as first rule???
    what has st. Benedict to do with sqlite?????
    ok, the moral "do not kill each other" is always good to remember.... But... Really??
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    38. Be not lazy.

    Well, fuck.
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    The NPC rush is inevitable.
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    Not enough irony, this seems enforceable. I guess I better leave devRant at once if I'm ever to contribute.
    Oh, and, God doesn't exist,you can do good, not all charities are good, better not hope for anything...
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    Full, fucking, satire!
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    That's f*cking ingenious!

    1. States that nobody can fully comply anyway, and "yet we make no enforcement of the more introspective aspects."

    So if you are an atheist and simply ignore the religious rules, you'd be as welcome as anybody else. 😂
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    @StefanGliga I guess I fell in the "not enough irony" group
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    >I don't think it's wholly a joke, 

    It is totally not. Number 54 forbids joking:

    >Speak no useless words or words that move to laughter.
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    It was moved to be a "Code of Ethics of the Project Founder"...
    On the official side they adopted the mozilla community participation guidelines...
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