Well, it all started off with hardware-level programming involving jumpers and stuff like that... Then came Assembly, which was good.. B, C compilers. Finally came the interpreted languages, and that's where in my opinion the abstraction should've ended. But no, we needed more frameworks, more libraries, even more abstraction! Where does it end? As it seems to be going, I guess that users will have kid toys - no iToys! - for electronics and we'll be programming on with bloated Scratch GUI's. Nothing against Scratch, but that shit ain't proper programming anymore. God I can't wait for the future.


Oh and not to mention that all software will be governed in political correctness by some Alex SJW AI shit that became sentient. Not a single programming term will be non-offensive anymore, no matter how hard you try to not offend anyone, or God forbid - don't care about it because you just want to make something that's readable, usable and working!! Terms, UI names for buttons, heck even icons! REMOVE IT BECAUSE IT OFFENDS SOMEONE THAT I DON'T EVEN KNOW JACK SHIT ABOUT!!!

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    Oh wow that's a lot more background than I expected. And just the amount of swearing and angriness I expected
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    Just wondering.. Are there any cpu instructions offensive? Anything at all in asm?
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    @netikras please don't give them any ideas..
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    Not very difficult acting like an SJW for a minute I have to say 🙃
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    @Condor wow.. For a moment I thought you're one of them :o

    great act! Bravo! 😁

    and yeah, I got it. Stay shut on this topic :)
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    @Condor what about people with no arms??!! They can't PUSH anything!! That's so offensive and discriminating!!!!1!!
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    @Krokoklemme and people without legs can't JMP!! Damn, maybe we should abolish Assembly altogether before the SJW's get to it! :P
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    Why should the last been served first? This does not make sense!
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    Interesting. Much in line with good ol'Linus' hate for abstraction and C++. As mathematics and physics were my first love I... am more inclined to those who strive for elegance, simplicity, principles that might be real rock solid building blocks for computing (and if you've seen just a bit how more expressive a Lisp or even JS can be, where C would only give you pointer brainfuck). Unfortunately you can't always abstract away the nuisance of faulty IO and all that bare metal layers below, cos ya'know all abstractions are leaky.
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    Um...Scratch isn't really the state of the art in abstraction. That's confusing simplification with sophistication.

    I would rather say that the frontier of abstraction is at languages like Haskell and Idris and Agda, which can leverage more powerful concepts from type theory (like dependent types). Those research languages have type systems that allow you to create immensely powerful abstractions, but there's still a lot of work to be done to make them seamless and easier to use (thou if you understand the maths behind it, it really isn't that tough).
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    Component composition and abstractions are how unscalable human brains can manage the scale-less complexity of computer systems. We all move up the stack.
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    I for one am rather looking forward to see what the programming language research and implementation community will come up with, there's also some pretty cool work on stuff like compiler optimizations and new virtual machine tech being published.
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    @robsbobs true but the implementation of it should be done well, abstraction frameworks shouldn't be abused, and the underlying building blocks shouldn't be lost sight of. That's the issue that I'm having with modern development, especially web development. So often are websites and web apps (or even native apps of which the developers go with the "move fast and break things" principle) so bloated, just because this or that framework/SDK/library gets chosen over writing native code as much as possible. It has security implications too, just the other day I was listening to a Sophos podcast about how remote JS resources from third-party websites can siphon data out of the visitors of the first-party websites that are using these frameworks.
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    You mention everyone having toys for electronics - maybe development will probably be less about writing code and more about just joining together a bunch of frameworks via visual interaction (join signal A with slot B kind of thing).

    The framework developers will probably still write code in some interpreted language, or everything will be designed to be inter-operable so some frameworks could just be a bunch of sub-frameworks strung together in the way I describe above.

    Or some software could "learn" the task you want it to perform so you just teach it to do things (using functionality provided by frameworks) and it creates an app or website for you.

    And it will be gloriously slow and bloatful.
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    @Condor Pfff and who do you think you can jump over hah. Same rights for every instruction! JMP IS DISCRIMINATION!
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    I just realised CTRL+ENTER on keyboard doesn't post the comment. You have to click the `Post` button.

    Is there any reason for this?
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    @sauronjs idk, web app? Maybe consider filing a feature request in the devRant issue tracker then, sounds like a useful feature to have.
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