Engineering never really evolves. The techniques we are using now to build the largest dams in the world are the same ones which were used to build ancient aquaducts.

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    I think we first need to transcend the phase described in this sketch:
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    Engineering does evolve though, through the invention of new tools.
    Sure, the laws of physics that hold up ancient aquaeducts are the same that hold up modern skyscrapers, but I'm pretty sure ancient engineers didn't have CFD or CAD tools, or software to simulate loads and stresses in materials and joints, or 5D milling machines and 3D printers for prototyping, or the billion other tools that we can use today to make more and more complex structures and machines and robots.

    Engineering does evolve: if it didn't, that would mean all engineers have failed.
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    Engineering is constantly evolving, if it didn't humanity would be doomed
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