Blah blah blah JavaScript is the worst blah blah blah clients suck blah blah blah everyone’s an idiot

Am I instafamous yet?

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    “Winblaws without context”
    “I use arch”
    “Github sucks because M$” -2018
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    Oops, left some words out:

    FUCK, everyone’s such a fucking idiot!!!
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    "I'm better than everyone else."

    "Ew Google sucks. Use DDG instead!"

    "PHP sucks because I used it once and didn't like it."

    "Omg windows sucks! I screwed something up and it's definitely MS's fault for that!!!"

    I wanna ++ your rant a few more times
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    I've been biting my tongue (fingers?) on so many of these posts lately. I've succumbed to responding to a few.
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    "mah privacy tho!!!1! and all my datas!!"

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    devRant starting pack
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    <img src="Elon Musk meme totally unrelated to development.jpg">
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    You forgot me, ranting for sometime about the new UI Google is rolling out XD
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