Arch Linux is officially dead due to fanboys who always says “I use Arch Linux” everytime when they open mouth. It is considered as mental illness so they have to shut down.

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    I use Arch
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    There needs to be a rolling release debian/redhat based distro before that will happen. So until then as @irene put it fuck you
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    @irene you're supposed to say “I use Arch” first then anything. You're ruining the standards
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    I use arch..

    Hey psst have you tried arch Linux yet?
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    @PerfectAsshole Except debian's "sid" branch already exists, which is pretty much the rolling-release equivalent with bleeding-edge updates and fun stuff like that.
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    I use Ubuntu. Gooo Ubuntuuuu
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    Last couple of months i actually see far more people complaining against people mentioning that they use arch than actual people mentioning that they use arch (when there is no sarcasm, ofc).... So you guys keep adding the fuel to the fire :D
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    @PerfectAsshole debian/sid is rolling release, and it has worked fine for the last >3 years of usage I have got from it
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    Manjaro MASTERRACE!
    Oh, and did I mention that I use ARCH.
    irene knows what's up, fuck you.
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    @tokumei how is disk usage on a fresh install? I know it's not going to be as minimal as arch but preseed/kickstart might be worth a move
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