So I got a scam email... well I hope it’s a scam email
Saying that they know my email and password, stating the email and password (I think it was the correct password or maybe older version), have installed whatever on my OS and want blackmail me w/ my info for money or else they’ll release it in 48 hrs and ugh
I have exams, honestly can’t be fucked dealing with this.

It is a scam right???


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    Scam for sure. Hacker would just tell you your password or something like I saw in another post here recently.

    Also seen a few of posts like this on faceballs. They want the gullible people
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    It's a scam. Somebody on here previously unveiled that it is.
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    @dufferz and if the password they mentioned was really close to your password but everything was worded pre much the same as the linked scam email below, still a scam?

    If you haven’t noticed, I’m gullible and easily paranoid
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    @lunawolf there is a couple of search engines for finding if your email is vulnerable (ie hacked on account on something you haven't used in ages [in my case, neopets..]), check those as a first call..

    Don't give them your password obviously there are fake ones out there... If your that concerned best advice is to use another computer /phone to reset everything and run a full audit on your pc/phone
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    @dufferz lifesavers you guys
    Just to ease my mind
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    I got mail like that too. It's fucking bullshit. In my mail they said they embedded a special pixel which would notify them as soon as the mail was read. Well, had a look at the raw mail source and no such thing there. Conclusion: bullshit! That movie of me fapping to porn should've been out there for weeks by now haha. Impossible because one I don't visit porn sites, I prefer doing the real thing with my gf, and two I always have something on my webcam so they can't spy on me. Nice try sucker. Too bad you live in Indonesia or I'd try to get an appointment to pay you. Or at least give the impression of paying but instead beat the crap out of that fucker.
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    There's also a torrent of about 48gb called "The Breach Compilation"

    Just change it wherever you use it, and please use different ones and save them in a password manager (:
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