My battery died... So are you going to have a funeral? Wait.. she dies every other day. For some reason battery sound like it’s a female. So if a battery is reborn many times it is reincarnated.

WHOA!!! I finally solved the mystery to the question ... what is the religion of a battery?

She is a Hindu!

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    With such karmic balance that it always reincarnates as the same type of battery...

    I like the British/British colonial (I know of at least Australia using this as well) phrasing for a battery without power: the battery is flat.

    Apparently my phone's default keyboard knew "reincarnated" but not "reincarnates." Good thing I check what I write...
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    Reincarnation is a feature in other religions, too. For example, Buddhism (especially Tibetan Buddhism).

    So your analysis is insufficient and incomplete.
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    @RememberMe I did consider Buddhism. Only part is you from Samsara to Nirvana. But in batteries case it deteriorates over time. Battery kind of of starts with Nirvana and ends up in Samsara. Someone please enlighten me more about Buddhism. I will do some reading on Buddhism today to get to the bottom of this.
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