My boss: Write unit tests for this angular app
Also my boss: what do you mean it will take months to write the necessary mocks for our 177 specs
Also also my boss: why would you need to mock anything for a unit test
Also also also my boss: Just let each component import all the other real components, nevermind that that's an integration test and not a unit test

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    Managers who don't know enough about code but try to dictate implementation are the worst.
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    My manager use to confuse Java with JavaScript.

    Hate managers!

    It’s like 5pm and I left early and I can cuss openly now.
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    Oh no... My boss is the lead dev
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    People want tests. They don't care whether it's unit tests or integration tests.
    They want tests. Cheap tests. A way to point the program at some stuff and check its reaction. Integration tests that are smaller than full-on integration tests. Tests that shout "ERROR" with no clear indication what and why causes it.
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    @Cheeseypi Oh that sucks even more. Now you got to deal with code reviews and managerial crap.

    Double the hate!
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    But, well, he is right. Integration tests are cheaper. Cpu time is less valued than dev time.
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    @mt3o but he didn't ask for integration tests, he asked for unit tests. And they wouldn't be so expensive if he hadn't waited until Now to get them done!
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    @Cheeseypi this is the difference between doing things right and doing things that are economically right.
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