We have this important product with deadline closing in. Dev who was working on it for months went on vacation. Bugs came out, no comments in the code, no docs, some of the variables are as verbose as var abc = "some weird shit"; and I'm tasked with trying to test, fix algorithms and instruct on how to use it.

This isn't first time happening, so I'm dusting off my CV this weekend.

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    Best of luck, small advice hope they are not wrong cuz that's what I have for my CV:

    1. Latest experience goes first

    2. Latest education level goes first

    3. personal projects are more important that: Good communication skills ...etc.

    I have it a one page two column CV, if this is wrong I'm open for suggestions :)
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    You can win a lot in this situation if u play ur cards right:
    If u fix his crap ur the savior of the day
    If not, let his shot explode and document ur findings, be brutally honest (but not rude) and tell ur boss
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    @gitpush here is a good way to organize your CV:
    1. Name, address, contact info.
    2.Education: latest is First.
    3. Awards/Honors.
    4. Skills & Languages.
    5. Work Experience.
    6. Projects.
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    Maybe it's just my preference, but unless by education you're referring to certs, I'd almost certainly put that below work experience.
    Once you have enough work experience you probably don't even want to mention your education. In my opinion you lead with the strongest aspects of your credentials, the things that will catch an employers' eye. The better you are, the less you have to fluff it. I know on my resume over the years I've continuously removed older experience and training to replace it with some information about myself I'm more proud of or that I feel is more relevant to the kinds of jobs I am pursuing.

    For example, I'm an alumnus of Santa Clara University (think: the inventor of JavaScript, so not too shabby a school--all jokes aside!) and it's not even listed on my latest resume. I get enough work contracting that I'm already too busy, I don't need to cater to people looking for traditional school credentials as if they were end all be all.

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    @FahadAlt I think projects go first, after contact info
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